This is probably the coolest GIF I’ve ever seen.

now there’s some perspective.

I once saw a storm roll like this once. It was beautiful.

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Former Ohio governor Ted Strickland tried to live on minimum wage. It didn’t go well.

Former Democratic governor of Ohio Ted Strickland tried to live on minimum wage for a week and, in his own words, he “didn’t make it.”

In an op-ed for POLITICO, Strickland explains how he failed in his attempt to live for just seven days on $77, the amount the “Live the Wage” campaign estimates is left in a 40-hour minimum wage employee’s weekly pay of $290 after accounting for taxes and housing. Strickland, a Harvard fellow and well-off political operative, was clearly unprepared for just how quickly expenses added up. He had spent his $77 by Thursday after realizing his meager budget left him without the money necessary even to pay for public transportation.

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Love that ass!

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…. you with us or nah? #flzpklzckUP we the #nw_Woah #newworldorder ダラスの主権ははるかに東京に到達

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